Capit Suprema Tyre Warmers added to the range

Suprema Spina is the excellence of tyrewarmers. It has all details that the technicians of the best teams require and appreciate, such as higher side bands, 36 pleats (18 per side) sewn manually outside right to ensure the "spherical shape" as well as exclusive "TNT" self-adjusting technology and a silicone supply cable.

  • Successor to the CAPIT Sport and maxima
  • Longer exterior walls
  • Heat is better isolated
  • Perfect and uniform heating
  • Without thermostat, therefore no temperature fluctuations
  • The tire is heated to a maximum temperature of 85 ° C - 40% more heating power compared to the competition
  • Nylon pouch included - 230 volts / 400 watts maximum power - 3 years warranty 


CAPIT produced since 1996 professional tire warmers, is a sponsor of Valentino Rossi and official supplier of Ducati, Yamaha and Suzuki. The products are the result of extensive testing and cooperation with racing teams. * The heating wire consists whose resistance changes with increasing temperature of a nickel alloy. Once the maximum temperature is reached of 85 degrees, this is kept constant. All other competitive products work with a conventional heating wire and need a thermostat, which leads to frequent temperature changes. 


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